Grains Result in Something Tasty, a homebrew club based in Arlington, VA


Founded in 2012 by a handful of guys in a now-defunct brewpub, the Arlington-BASED HOMEBREW club grew rapidly.

Over the next 5 years, GRiST gathered new active & engaged members from all over Northern Virginia and the brand identity of the club could hardly keep up. The coat of arms illustration, in conjunction with a default serif type treatment, functioned as the logo for the club for quite some time.

Now, GRiST has nearly 100 active members and much more female representation. The club needed a strong brand identity to help it stand out and to command authority in the network of American home brew clubs.

For this project, we gathered inspiration from with the goal of creating a brand aesthetic that echoed the history of brewing beer with a modern twist. 



GRiST - brand board-01.png